Unexampled dynamics of increase – 28.8%

The first two months of this year in comparison with results of January and February last year in the Free Port of Riga are characterised by a substantial increase of cargo turnover. Amount of cargoes handled is by 28.8% higher that in absolute numbers amounts to 6.19 million tons (in first two months of 2011 – 4.81 million tons).

Increase in dry bulk segment amounts to 37.1 %, being 1 million tons more than in a respective period of account last year. All in all in the dry bulk segment 3.53 million tons were reloaded, 2.46 million tons of which were coal. Amount of woodchip if compared to last year has increased by 56.8% and reached 205 thousand tons. Increasing part in the range of wood products is filled by wood pellets – 132.2 thousand tons were shipped, as well as sawn timber – 47.4 thousand tons that is more than twice as much as during the first two months of the previous year. The amount of food product handling has doubled as well. Reduction of reloading amounts was experienced in the metallic ore (30%), fertilisers (- 17.7%), construction materials (- 32.6%) and ferroalloy (23.1%) cargo groups.

In the general cargo segment the amounts have increased by 19.7% in general and reached 1.05 million tons. More than half of cargoes in this segment are container cargoes, the amount of which in comparison to the first two months of last year has increased by 42.3%. Amount of Roll on/Roll of cargoes has increased by 8.8%. One of the largest general cargo groups is timber. Shipping amount in the beginning of this year has been by 2.8% lower than during the first two months of last year. However, the proportion of this type of cargo still remains substantial and has not lost its positions in the total balance – this year 357.6 thousand tons were shipped.

A substantial increase was also experienced in the liquid bulk segment – 18.7% reaching 1.61 million tons.

Increase of the amount of handled cargoes reflects both the ability of the Freeport of Riga to adjust to the increasing demand in the world markets, and the necessity to modernize the port infrastructure. For example, the capacity of coal reloading approaches the maximum and terminals operating in the liquid bulk segment work with full load. With the aim to ensure long-term development and preserve the competitiveness, implementation of the Krievu sala project would have to be commenced in the nearest future in order to avoid situation, when the demand exceeds capacity of the port and the port development is hindered.

96 999 passengers have already been serviced in the Port of Riga this year. It is by 3.2% more than during respective period last year. The tourist season has not yet started therefore no cruise ships have entered the Port of Riga.