The volume of cargo handled at the Freeport of Riga increased in all cargo segments




Compared to July 2013, the volume of various cargos handled at the Freeport of Riga this year has increased by 15, 8% - almost 3, 5 million tons were transshipped within one month. Assessing the results it is clear that the Freeport of Riga has not only increased its cargo turnover in all cargo segments, but also has managed to maintain and strengthen the leading port status among the ports of the Baltic States.


10,4% increase in dry bulk cargo segment

The volume of dry bulk cargo handled in the beginning of the current year increased by 10, 4% compared to the first seven months of 2013. Overall, during 7 months of the current year 13, 1 million tons were transshipped, which is more than half of the total volume of cargo handled at the Freeport of Riga.

A significant volume of freight is observed in chemical cargo segment, which can be explained by the new mineral transshipment terminal’s launch late last year. During the reporting period the amount of the transshipped mineral fertilizers increased by 46, 3% reaching 1, 4 million tons. There is a continuing growth in coal traffic: +8, 6%, compared to seven months of the previous year. In fact, grain shipments increased fourfold. There is an increase of scrap lumber (+ 39%) and saw timber (+ 5, 9%) transshipment. The total volume of unspecified cargo has reached 1, 5 million tons, that is by 1% more than in the previous year.

There has been a decrease of certain cargo transshipment - different metals (-2, 6%), ferroalloy (-0, 7%), building materials (-70%), wood chips (-43%) this year. It should be noted that these types of cargo constitute a minor share of the port overall operation.

More containerized goods have been handled

In the general segment there is 7, 1% increase compared to the previous year’s reporting period. Overall, 4, 1 million tons were handled within this segment.

In the framework of the general cargo segment the amount of containerized cargo continues to grow as planned. During the first seven months of the current year, it has increased by 3, 8% and reached 2, 3 million tons. There is 1,2% increase in Roll on / roll off cargo, metal transshipment increased almost threefold, the amount of fish and chemical cargo is growing as well.

Oil product volume is growing

Assessing the current situation from a cargo volume growth perspective, this year was particularly successful for the liquid cargo segment. Its total volume grew by 37, 5%, including oil products transshipment increase by 38%. Overall, 6, 1 million tons of liquid bulk cargo was handled at the Freeport this year.

This year, the Port of Riga served 506 thousand passengers, that is by 2, 2% more than during the first seven months of 2013.